TBT – Perch Piling on Public Transportation in Santa Monica Bay

An early attempt in the science of creating artificial reefs for Throwback Thursday. Here’s a shot from out in Santa Monica Bay from the late 1950’s showing an abundance of Pile Perch on one of the many artificial reefs created by a variety of groups and municipalities out of a variety of materials during the 1950’s.

When the Red Car Line was phased out of existence in Los Angeles, the old cars were simply pushed into the Santa Monica Bay to create new aggregation spots for recreational fishing purposes. Public transportation’s loss was going to be the oceans gain. Not surprisingly, these artificial reefs didn’t hold up long against the forces of the ocean and are entirely erased from the Bay now. It was however, creative thinking to help enhance the quality of habitat in the Southern California bight.


TBT – North Santa Monica Bay/ Malibu during the 1980’s

Earlier this year the California diving community lost a true original as Max Von Klein passed away after a short illness. A NAUI and LA County Underwater Instructor, Max was also the master volunteer at the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. He was in short one of those guys you met diving that you would never forget. What a lot of people don’t know is that Max was also a quality photographer who wanted people to see what was out there and that it needed to be cherished and protected from overuse. That’s why he left me his slides to share. This is just a sample of what he saw in North County as the “King of the Beach Divers.” Enjoy a few of his shots.

We’ll see you out there.