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Ahi Poke is no Joke-y

Summer is the greatest time of the year here in California for diving. The water gets warmer, visibility starts to open up, and surface intervals are spent sunning yourself on the deck, bagging Z’s instead of huddling under a parka … Continue reading

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When it Comes to Salmon, Don’t Buy the Farm

The idea behind CFD  has always been to give divers ways to enhance the dive experience and make it even more enjoyable,  if that’s even possible. We do that by talking about where to go eat, what to drink,  and … Continue reading

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Milton Love speaks bluefin tuna sushi in Los Angeles Magazine

I like bluefin tuna. I suppose it’s because I too am a speedy, muscular, and fast mover when I’m in the ocean. Unlike bluefin tuna however, I’m not that popular in sushi restaurants. Perhaps it’s my questionable hygiene or my … Continue reading

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Painful Hiatus

We at California Fine Diving would like to apologize for our recent gap in posting and hope that you will continue to turn to us for all your California fine diving needs. Think of us as your divemaster who follows … Continue reading

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