Gateway to goodness(BTW I can’t read the second line either.)
Weekends weren’t made for just Michelob

Situated on the bottom level of the Redondo Beach International Boardwalk sits one of our favorite locations to decompress, Naja’s Place. It’s home to over 88 beers on tap and hundreds more of the bottled type.  It’s easily the most impressive beer list you’ll find within walking distance of a dive spot anywhere in California. To paraphrase the Bard, “Variety, thy name is Naja’s. “The glassware come in equally large sizes to match the lengthy beer menu and at really reasonable prices – $6 for a pint and $8 for the 24 oz schooner.

Good looking crowd is often on hand

As large as the beer menu is, the food menu is surprisingly short but sweet. Standard burgers and fries are there but there are a few Mediterranean delights that are a holdover from the previous owners menu. I highly recommend the kabob plate and the goat plate( for the adventurous) . They grill it up and serve it with fresh pita and a variety of sides.

Naja’s Goat Platter

On weekends, this is also one of the classic places for people watching. It’s a mix of local beach crowd, yachties, and beer aficionados. Colorful and laid back. In describing the crowd at this dive for divers, it is accurate to say you’ll never be underdressed no matter how much you think you need a shower after hitting the canyon nearby. It’s also a real beachy bar in that it always is going to have the musty smell that is a combination of fresh-off-the-beach and desperate singles. There is live music most nights and on the weekends but I swear it’s the same cover band just doing different musical genre.

This is not a fancy place to bring a date. If you only like mixed drinks and shots, do not come here. If you like douchey bars with douchey music, do not come here. If you do want to relax and enjoy the open atmosphere and best beer selection a diver could imagine, then go and do your deco stop at Naja’s Place.

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