Underwater Wine Tasting?


Come on in. The Pinot’s fine

Considering all the wrecks that have been found over the years, it’s not surprising that more than one bottle of old wine has been brought up and sampled by the conquering explorer. In most cases, this sampling was followed by the wretching that often accompanies the consumption of vinegar and/or seawater. It’s okay because it’s all for science. In a few cases however, the wines were found to be remarkably well aged and highly drinkable. Thus an idea was born. In the Los Angeles Times today, it was reported that Mira Winery of Napa now intends to age 4 cases of 2009 Cabernet at the bottom of Charleston Harbor to see how the constant pressure, temperature, and light exposure will affect the taste. Speaking as a Californian, I’m guessing it might come out tasting a little crackery but then again I can’t see why they wouldn’t want to sink the wine in Humboldt Bay. Regardless, it’s an interesting read so enjoy when you click below.


Link to LA Times Article by Ricardo Lopez

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