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Another year, another trip to the Long Beach Convention Center for the annual gathering of our local dive community. So much to see and so much to enjoy right? Okay, maybe not so much to enjoy but there are some gems if you take the time to seek them out.  So what do you want to look for? Follow us here at CFD as we discuss how you can maximize your scuba show experience.

First off, you should look for innovative new dive products. Seriously. Look for them. I challenge you. No, they’re not there. Or over there.  Okay, I jest. There are really no new products. Maybe an innovative water bottle or some new way to clip your mask to your wetsuit in day glow colors. That’s it. Roll outs are usually at industry trade shows so don’t be surprised if you …don’t be surprised? It gets better though.

How does it get better? I’ll tell you. Looking to travel? A dive vacation on the agenda for 2017? You’re home with Scuba Show. The 4 corners of the globe are covered under one large, flat convention center roof. There is something for everybody from local boats with special show packages to long-range excursion trips to tropical atolls. Try checking out Eric Bowman and the Peace dive boat out of VenturaPeace or Keith Sahm with Grand Cayman’s ever popular Sunset House. Both are great operators for the discerning diver.

Looking to do something closer to home that gets you in the water and helps conserve and protect our local waters, then visit the outer netherlands that is non-profit row. Situated outside the convention center floor by the main entrance, this is where you go to find volunteer dive opportunities that can fill you with both dive opportunities and personal self-satisfaction year round. Talk to Ian Jacobson at Los Angeles Waterkeeper or Colleen Wisniewski at the Reef Check Foundation to see how you can make a difference.  Both have great diving programs that you’ll be glad to be a part of.Logo300x300

Don’t forget the seminars btw. Lots of good stuff to hear and see. There are all sorts of topics covered from Travel to dive accident analysis. A little bit of something for everybody. Check out Saturday’s schedule for a sample of what might float your personal dive boat.

Finally, don’t forget to say hi to all your old dive friends or maybe, make some future new old dive friends. Catch up over a couple of 8 to 10 dollar LBCC beers and talk about the good old days and better ones to come. This show is really all about community and reconnecting with something pretty special. As for me, look for me on aisle 1. I’ll be the 250 lb man modeling Slipskin dive skins sporting a tiparillo with a sake and soda. You won’t want to miss it but you should.