Somewhere in France this morning, Anthony Bourdain decided it was time to leave our earthly waiting room and head off on the next great adventure. While his suicide, and all suicides for that matter are tragic, I’m happy to have experienced his amazing and inspirational storytelling for as long as I did. He made the world not a smaller place but rather a more accessible one where every corner of it held adventure and the common language was food and drink. He wasn’t a great conservationist saying he didn’t care if something was endangered. If it tasted good, he was going to eat it. While portending to not really be concerned with environmental issues, he spent an enormous amount of time talking about the human relationship with nature across the globe however. He connected us with people and issues that  weren’t being talked about and put faces to so many of the problems facing the environment today. He was, at the end of it all, an honest observer of the human condition. He knew bullshit when he saw it and always called it out. This link below is one of my favorites of AB snorkeling in Sicily with a local chef to “catch” some fresh seafood. It’s classic Bourdain.

The world is going to be a little less interesting place I’m afraid without you but we’ve got your books and shows to remind us why we need to get out there and experience the world. So goodby and thanks for all the great trips together, all the great meals, and all the great conversations about living life in a larger way. We’ll see you out there.

Click on to the picture to visit Anthony Bourdain’s Amazon page to enjoy his treasure-trove of work.