Eating, Drinking, and Preserving the California Diving Lifetyle


Welcome Kelp Divers one and all to California Fine Diving, a site that fills in the social blanks for the California Diving lifestyle. So what are these blanks to be filled to make our diving experience even more satisfying? Well, first off, we’re going to be talking where to go after a day of great diving. Maybe you need a fine meal, a greasy burger or a cold beer for a little decompression? This site will give you ideas of dive site-adjacent places that will make any dive experience a more memorable one. We’ll also be talking about what you can bring home from your dive and what to do with it. You’re already part of the sub-tidal food chain so enjoy the fruits of your labor. Also, If you don’t want to take anything or come home empty handed, we’ll give you options there as well, helping you pick out and prepare the best and most sustainable seafood choices you can make.

As for who we are, we’re divers like you. Some more experienced than others with a lot of experience diving up and down California’s coast. We enjoy a good meal, can quaff a stiff drink, and just get happy post dive.

I hope you’ll enjoy our little endeavor as we try to make every trip into the water a little bit better. Thanks for coming and enjoy your diving.

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