When you’re out diving Deer Creek in southern Ventura county, you often get the feeling you’ve gotten pretty much away from it all, and for the most part you have. A fairly isolated and almost completely undeveloped dive spot, save for the stairs in and out, the only reminder you get that you are not alone in the wilderness  is the constant thrum of cars cruising up and down Pacific Coast Highway. Looking up and down from your roadside parking, you’re hard-pressed to see much of man’s handiwork anywhere nearby let alone a spot for a cold beer or quick snack. But fear not breathren of the bight, refreshments are only a few minutes to the north at a hip joint for post-dive relaxation called Neptunes Net.

Established in 1958, “The Net”, is a hole-in-the wall that plays host

Not a shrimpy platter in the house

to one of the most diverse clientele you’re likely to find anywhere in southern California. We’re talking hairy bikers, spandex bikers, gnarly surfers, beautiful Malibu-ians, and just about any other road warrior type you might think of. It’s the oasis for the wanderers out between Malibu and Oxnard and it’s well worth the visit. First off, it’s kind of a one-stop pit stop with coolers of beer, fresh seafood, and a welcoming, laid back atmosphere. It’s broken down into two parts with the first side being the live seafood market. Pick out what you want and they’ll steam it for you on the spot. The only way to get it any fresher is to bring it yourself from Deer Creek. The other side is all about the fried seafood. A myriad of combo platters awaits weary divers, providing whatever greasy sustenance they might need including some very tasty fish and

Patio diving on the weekend is a must-do activity

chips as well as fresh-tasting fish taco’s. And as if the food isn’t enough, there is one of the finest and most diversely stocked coolers a diver could hope to have waiting for them. Throw in a great location and vibrant atmosphere and you have all the makings of a classic post-dive shindig.

Weekends can be a little crowded of course but it really is worth getting caught in Neptune’s Net.

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