Not a lot of folks venture out from the central coast to enjoy what I believe to be is some of the most underrated diving to be had in our great state. From Gaviota north up to Monterey, there are literally dozens of spots where breathtaking underwater vistas can be enjoyed by those hardy enough to brave the surf. Surprisingly easy to get to by simply following the 101 and 1 highways, adventure is never more than a few hours away nor is one of the best places to get a beer in all of California, the Firestone Brewery and Tap-room.
Located about halfway between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo,  Firestone Brewery

Firestone Brewery and Tap-room

sits to the west side of the 101 freeway in Buelton. Started by a couple of local winemakers,  FB is home to some of the best micro-brew beers you’ve ever had the pleasure of introducing your taste buds to. Offering pints and growlers of their full line of beers including their  signature Double-Barrel ale, this is the perfect spot to get your drink on after a long day diving or driving. Food is also served and can be a little pretentious as they are trying to do a fine dining experience in the adjacent restaurant area. I personally stick with the complimentary pretzels and whole grain mustard. The real treat to be had here though is the unfiltered Double-Barrel ale on tap. This perfection in a pint glass can only be had here and if you’ve never had a fresh, unpasteurized beer just out of the barrel, then you need to load up your car and go. If it’s only a pit stop and you still, have a ways to drive, then have them fill up a 64 ounce growler to enjoy when you reach your destination.

Come for the beer, stay for the free pretzels

It’s very much a locals spot but the crowd is always friendly and the beer is always cold. What more could you ask for? That’s why Firestone brewery is a deco-stop we should all make,

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