I like bluefin tuna. I suppose it’s because I too am a speedy, muscular, and fast mover when I’m in the ocean. Unlike bluefin tuna however, I’m not that popular in sushi restaurants. Perhaps it’s my questionable hygiene or my uncontrollable urge to shout “Release the Kraken” at the most inappropriate times. Regardless of my shortcomings, we are now looking at a time where people are actually loving the bluefin tuna to death. With study after study coming out about the overall global reduction of bluefin populations by almost 95% of their historical numbers, we are on the verge of eating the lion of the ocean right into extinction by putting them squarely on our plate. UCSB Ecologist Milton Love, who will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about rockfish if you let him,¬† was recently interviewed for Los Angeles Magazine and explained why we might want to take these magnificent animals off the plate and leave them in the open ocean.

The Trouble with Bluefin Tuna article in Los Angeles Magazine